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Who is the Bonterms Platform for?

The Bonterms Platform is primarily geared towards Enterprises looking to streamline negotiations, standardize agreements, and eliminate redlines. Having said that anyone looking to do the same can benefit. If you're unsure whether Bonterms is a good fit for you, contact us today.

Deal Stages FAQs

What are the stages of a Deal

  • Guided Review, Approval and Signature.

Why can't I advance my deal?

  • Check to see if it is your turn in the top navigation bar.

Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 3.07.50 PM.png

  • If it is not your turn, you are in view-only mode until your Counterparty sends the Deal back to you.
  • If it is your turn:
    • In Guided Review: check to see if you have acted (Accept or Change) on all proposed Key Terms, Additional Terms and Attachments. 
    • In Approval, check to see if all Approvers have granted their approval or been removed (which requires Supervisor-level authority).

Read more about moving between Deal Stages here.

Creating an Account FAQs

What are the types of Accounts?

  • Guest: Recipients of Deals are guest users until they create an Account. 
  • Free: Able to Manage Team Members and create an Internal Playbook. 
  • Paid: Able to send Deals. Contact 

How do I create an Account? 

  • Click Bonterms logo in top left of Platform.

Managing a Team FAQs

How do I Add a Team Member to a Deal?

  • Create an Account.
  • Add the new user to your Organization through the Team Page, and
  • From the Deal, click Deal Team and add the user in a Deal Role.


Our friendly support team is here to help you!

  • Use this Help Center
  • Chat with a live agent during regular business hours through the Help button.
  • Email


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