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Recipients FAQs

I’m the wrong person to receive this Deal. What should I do?

How do I add someone from my company or outside counsel to help me?

I’ve lost access to a Deal, how do I get it back?

  • Use the link in the initial email you received. (If expired, the system will generate a new link), or
  • Create an Account and access via Dashboard.

What are Standard Agreements?

  • Standard Agreements are free-to-use, neutral agreements that are implemented and customized by a Cover Page.

Deal Stages FAQs

What are the stages of a Deal

  • Guided Review, Approval and Signature.

Why can't I advance my deal?

  • Check to see if it is your turn in the top navigation bar.

Whose Turn is It Anyway.PNG

  • If it is not your turn, you are in view-only mode until your Counterparty sends the Deal back to you.
  • If it is your turn:
    • In Guided Review: check to see if you have acted (Accept or Change) on all proposed Key Terms, Additional Terms and Attachments. 
    • In Approval, check to see if all Approvers have granted their approval or been removed (which requires Supervisor-level authority).

Read more about moving between Deal Stages here.

Creating an Account FAQs

What are the types of Accounts?

  • Guest: Recipients of Deals are guest users until they create an Account. 
  • Free: Able to Manage Team Members and create an Internal Playbook. 
  • Paid: Able to send Deals. Contact 

How do I create an Account? 

  • Click Bonterms logo in top left of Platform.

Managing a Team FAQs

How do I Add a Team Member to a Deal?

  • Create an Account.
  • Add the new user to your Organization through the Team Page, and
  • From the Deal, click Deal Team and add the user in a Deal Role.


Our friendly support team is here to help you!

  • Use this Help Center
  • Chat with a live agent during regular business hours through Help button.
  • Email

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