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Connect your DocuSign Instance

Note: This only applies to Paid Users.



The recommended method of signing an agreed-upon Cover Page on the Bonterms Platform is by connecting your DocuSign instance and signing using their integration. This ensures that the contents of the Cover Page (Key Terms, Additional Terms and Attachments, if any) that gets signed matches what you agreed and approved. If a deal is signed off-platform and does not use the integration, Bonterms cannot guarantee that the contents of the Cover Page match what you agreed with your counterparty. Using the integration ensures that both parties sign the agreed-upon Cover Page on the DocuSign platform.



  • Our integration works by connecting a “User ID” from DocuSign. We recommend that the User ID that you use is a Service Account on DocuSign (eg. “Bonterms Legal”). All DocuSign envelopes that get sent to your counterparty will include the name of the DocuSign account that you connect (eg. “Joe Smith via DocuSign” and “Joe Smith sent you a document to review and sign”).
  • In order to connect your DocuSign instance, you will need to work with a team member who has Admin rights within your DocuSign Account.
  • Invite the user with Admin DocuSign access into your Bonterms Account through the “Team Page”
  • The integration only needs to be set up once for your organization.


Connecting to DocuSign

Note: Admin required for set up.

  • Within the Settings section of the Platform, click the “Integrations” tab at the top.
  • Click the “Apps & Keys settings on DocuSign” link.
    • This will take you to the Admin page within DocuSign. Note: must have Admin credentials within DocuSign to access this page.
    • Once logged in, navigate to the “Apps and Keys” page if not already directed there.
    • Copy the field “User ID” underneath “My Account Information”
  • Paste this value into the field on the Bonterms Platform
  • Click “Connect to DocuSign”

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