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Re-Send a Deal or Send a Reminder to your Counterparty

Note: Only for Paid Accounts


In Guided Review or Approval Stage:

  • When a Deal is in the Guided Review or Approval Stage, you can send an email reminder via Bonterms to your counterparty.
  • To do so, navigate to your Dashboard page and find the Deal you need to re-send or send a reminder to your counterparty.
    • Click the hamburger on the right-hand side.
    • In the dropdown menu, select “Resend”.
  • This will generate another email notification to your counterparty to get them into the platform and to your Deal.

Re-Send a Deal.png


In Signature Stage:

Note: You need access to the DocuSign account that you linked/integrated in the Platform. Contact your Admin if you do not.

  • If a Deal has reached the Signature Stage and has been sent out via DocuSign for the parties to execute, there is no further action needed by either party on the platform, the last step is to sign the Cover Page on DocuSign (or off-platform).
  • If your counterparty has not yet signed the Cover Page and you want to send a reminder, you should do so by sending a reminder via DocuSign.
    • If you Resend a Deal from Bonterms when the Deal is in the Signature Stage, they will get a link to bring them into the Deal, but there is no further action they can take within the Bonterms Platform.
  • Pro Tip: Set up and configure your DocuSign settings so that the system automatically sends reminder emails when the Deal is not complete. To do so, navigate to the Settings page within your DocuSign account (the account you connected to the Bonterms Platform), and go to the “Reminders and Expirations” page under “Signing and Sending”.
    • Set your preferences for “Days before sending first reminder” and “Days between reminders”.

DocuSign set a reminder.png

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