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Drafting a Winning Cover Note for Using Bonterms


Bonterms Standard Agreements have been downloaded over 14,000 times, but how do you persuade someone who’s never heard of a Standard Agreement to meet you on Bonterms?

Enterprises that use Standard Agreements at scale tend to have one thing in common - they take a moment at the start of the process to explain to the other party why they want to use Bonterms and how it will benefit both parties.

Below is an example message crafted from examples we’ve seen work well. Feel free to use or adapt this text as you see fit. (You might also try feeding this into AI and asking it to customize it for you).

Please keep us posted on how it goes!


Example #1:

We constantly strive to improve our administrative processes and prioritize doing business with companies who do the same.  

When it comes to commercial contracts, we value a transparent approach that meets the core needs of both parties and moves to agreement with as little unnecessary back and forth as possible.

For that reason, we propose using a Bonterms Standard Agreement for this transaction.

Bonterms Standard Agreements are designed to be balanced, vetted by an industry-leading Committee of in-house and law firm attorneys and free to use. You can read more about them here.

Importantly, Standard Agreements are implemented by a Cover Page where either party can propose any modifications they require. 

If you prefer not to engage on a Standard Agreement, we will send over our company’s standard form for your review instead. But, we’d invite you to consider the Standard Agreement approach first -- we've found it to be a significantly faster and more pleasant contracting experience.

Please look for a separate email with an invite to review the Standard Agreement on the Bonterms Platform. It’s a neutral platform with standard playbooks and other features that helps the parties come to agreement on their deal. There is no charge or registration required and Bonterms provides free support to all users.   


Example #2 - Short form:

We strive to improve our processes and prioritize efficient contracting. For that reason, we propose using a Bonterms Standard Agreement, which is balanced and vetted. The Cover Page allows modifications. If you prefer not to use the Standard Agreement, we will send our standard form instead. However, we've found the Standard Agreement approach to be faster and smoother.

Please look for an email invite to the Bonterms Platform, which helps facilitate agreement with no charge or registration required for you. Their team provides live support to all users.


As always, please reach out to our Customer Success team or to for additional tips on how to reach agreement faster. 




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