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Create a Deal Template

A Deal Template is a configurable template that sets your preferred Key Terms, Acceptable Alternatives and any Additional Terms for a particular Standard Agreement. Each Deal Template is associated with an Entity Block and designated Signer.

You can have more than one Deal Template for any particular Standard Agreement type.

Note: You can always change the Signer on a per-Deal basis.


How to Create a Deal Template

  1. Navigate to the Deal Templates page in the left navigation.
    1 Nav to DT.gif

  2. Click on Create on the top-right corner of the Deal Templates screen. Select which agreement template you want to create.
    2 Click Create.gif

  3. In the Template Builder, enter in a Template Title and Add an internal description.
    3 Template Title.gif

  4. Drag and drop an Entity Block from the righthand side of the screen. 
    4 Entity Block.gif

  5. The Party Information will pre-populate once you've selected the Entity Block. However, you are able to change any of this information if necessary. 
    5 Edit Party Info.gif

  6. In the Key Terms section, you will define the necessary terms for the Standard Agreement. You will be able to set your desired option as well as acceptable alternatives. 
    6 Key Terms.gif

  7. Additional Terms will allow you to drag and drop more terms that are found in your Playbook or Create a new Term.
    7 Additional Terms.gif

  8. When finished, click on Review Template in the top-right.

  9. The following screen will give you a chance to review your template and add additional Deal Team members by clicking on +Add more.
    8 Review Template.gif

  10. When finished reviewing, click on Update Template in the top-right.

  11. You have now created a new Deal Template. 




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