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Create an Entity Block

An Entity Block combines an Entity, Governing Law, Court and Signer into one package of information that allows organizations to repeatedly plug in this information in a Deal Template.


How to Create a new Entity Block

  1. On the Bonterms Platform, navigate to the left-hand menu and select Entity Blocks.
    1 New Entity Block.gif

  2. In the Entity Blocks screen, go to the top-right and click New > Create new Entity Block
    2 New EB.gif

  3. Once in the Edit Entity Block screen:
      1. Start with your Entity Block Name.
      2. Select a previously-created Entity or select +Create Entity to add a new one.
      3. Select a Signer or +Create Signer.
      4. Select your State and Federal court location or +Create Court.
      5. Select your Governing Laws or +Create Governing Law.
        3 Entity Fields.gif
  4. To finish, click Save in the top-right corner. 


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