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Deal Status Key

On your Bonterms Platform Dashboard, you will see a list of all of your Deals and the status of each. There are three main Deal Stages (Guided Review, Approval and Signature). The status tells you what part of the process your deal is in. 

Here is a key for all the statuses as in the relative order they may appear: 


Deal Stage



Initial Proposal Sender has sent the Deal but it has not yet been opened by the Recipient.

Counterparty Reviewing

Guided Review The counterparty is currently reviewing the Deal.

Needs Our Review

Guided Review The Deal requires our action.

Needs Our Approval

Approval The Owner must advance the Deal from Approval to Signature. (Any assigned Approver(s) have approved the Deal).

Needs Internal Approvals (_/_)

Approval The assigned Approver(s) must approve the Deal before the Owner can advance the Deal to Signature. 

Awaiting Counterparty Approval

Approval The  Deal is waiting on the counterparty to Approve before either party can advance to Signature. 

Initiate Signature

Signature Owner must click Initiate Signature to start the Platform's e-signature process.

Needs Our Signature

Signature The Deal is waiting for your Signer to sign.
Awaiting Counterparty Signature Signature You have signed but your Counterparty has not yet signed.

Awaiting Our Signature

Signature Your counterparty has signed the Deal but your Signer still needs to sign.

Signed Off-Platform

Completed The Cover Page was not executed through the Bonterms e-signature integration but has been marked as signed by the Sender. The Sender may upload a copy of the PDF. 


Completed Everyone has signed.


Canceled Sender has canceled the Deal.


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