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Sending a New Deal


  1. Click New Deal from the Dashboard.
    1 Click New Deal.gif

  2. Select the appropriate Deal Template
    • Can't find the Deal Template you're looking for? Create a new Deal Template (Supervisors only) or contact your Supervisor.
    • The Owner will automatically be set to you. 

  3. Fill in the three required fields: Counterparty (Name of the company you are sending the Deal to), Recipient Name (name of the person you are sending the Deal to) and Recipient Email
    2 Create New Deal.gif

  4. Click Preview Deal. Double-check to make sure everything is correct. 
    • Need to change the Counterparty information? Click the back arrow and start a New Deal again.
    • Want to make an Edit to Key Terms, Additional Terms or other elements of the Deal Template for this particular Deal? Use Edit deal. 

  5. Add a Comment to your Recipient (optional).
    • Adding a quick personal note may greatly increase the chance your Recipient will click to join the Deal.

  6.  Click Share Deal.
    • A notification will confirm  "Deal was successfully created and shared with [COMPANY]." Click Done to dismiss the message.
      3 Preview Deal.gif



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