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Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is a table of Deals on the main page of the Bonterms Platform. The Dashboard will displays Deals based on your user type:

  • Admin & Supervisor: Shows all Deals within your Organization.
  • User: Shows all Deals you have created and sent, as well as those Deals where you are part of the Deal Team.

Dashboard Tabs

The Dashboard categorizes Deals into tabs: ActiveReceived, Done, Archived and All. Keep in mind that the Deals displayed is dependent on your user type (see above):

  1. The Active tab shows all Deals that are still active.
  2. The Received tab shows all Deals received from other Bonterms Platform users. 
  3. The Done tab shows cancelled and completed Deals.
  4. The Archived tab shows Deals which were selected to be archived. This is useful to keep the other tabs cleaned up. Note: Archiving a Deal will only move that deal view for an individual user.
  5. The All tab shows all Deals, regardless of status.

Sorting, Searching, and Filtering

The Dashboard is organized through columns of information:

  • Counterparty - The party that the Deal was sent to.
  • Owned By - The Owner of the Deal within your Organization.
  • Status - The current status of the Deal.
  • Type - The Standard Agreement Deal type.
  • Template - The internal name of the Deal Template being used.
  • Latest Activity - Date and time the Deal was last updated by either party.

The Dashboard can be sorted using any of the columns. By default it is sorted by Latest Activity

There is a Search bar at the top of the dashboard to search by keyword. 

You will also be able to filter through your results by clicking on the Filters button at the top. Here, you will be able to select a category and filter by its results.


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