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Playbook Overview

The Bonterms Playbook is a feature of the Bonterms Platform that provides access to an out-of-the-box Standard Playbook of items to use as Additional Terms when combined with a Bonterms Standard Agreement. Additionally, an Admin or Supervisor can create customized Internal Playbook items that can be used in Deal Templates or pulled directly into customized deals.


Playbook Setup (Admins & Supervisors)

The Admin & Supervisor User Type are responsible for utilizing the Playbook to create Deal Templates for the Organization to which they belong. Later, these Deal Templates will be used by the Owner as detailed in the Deal Creation section below.

Standard Playbook 

The Standard Playbook contains items that come out-of-the-box from the Bonterms Platform, these are used to easily create deals in the Platform. Once logged into the Platform, click Playbook to see the Standard items:


Internal Playbook

The Internal Playbook contains items that are created by Organization Admin & Supervisor users. These can be created from scratch or items in the Standard Playbook can be customized. See the article on how to Create an Internal Playbook item for more details.

Internal Usage Note

An additional feature within the Internal Playbook is a general Internal Usage Note. This section of your Playbook was designed for Admins and Supervisors to leave context and guidance of how to act on specific deal proposals - unlike other Playbook items, the Internal Usage Note is not associated with an Additional Term.


Deal Templates (Admins & Supervisors)

Once the Playbook is set up, create Deal Templates for the Organization. Deal Templates are templates for predefined scenarios to make it easy for Owners within the Organization to quickly generate Deals with only a few clicks. Learn how to Create a Deal Template for more information on what Deal Templates are and how to get started.

Deal Creation (Owners)

The Owner User Type will create a new deal using the Bonterms Platform and send it to a receiving party for review. During the creation of the deal, the Owner will start with a Deal Template (predefined by the Organizations Admin, as detailed above), and additionally has access to Standard Playbook items as well as any Internal Playbook items. In this way the deal can be customized when it doesn't fit the predefined Deal Template defaults. This allows for even more flexibility at a per-deal level. For more information on deal creation, read Sending a New Deal.

Deal Change Proposals (Recipients)

The Recipient receives an invitation to the deal from the Owner. It is not required that the recipient have a Bonterms account to receive a deal. Once they receive the invite, they'll be able to access the platform without having to log in. 

Once the recipient receives an invite, they can click the link in the email or use the link sent to them directly to view the deal in the Bonterms Platform. Now they review the proposed deal, considering each term, and decides whether to accept the term or make a change. If changes are desired, the recipient may want to propose changes to the existing terms or they can add terms with the Playbook.

Recipient Does Not Have An Account

While the recipient does not require an account to participate in the deal, make changes to existing terms, or add terms, without an account there will be no Internal Playbook items found as there are none preconfigured for the recipients Organization (since they do not belong to one). This is OK and expected. If Internal items are desired, sign up for a free account.


Key Takeaways

  • The Bonterms Standard Playbook items are predefined Additional Terms provided by Bonterms.
  • The Bonterms Internal Playbook items are customized terms created by the administrator(s) of an Organization.
  • The Playbook can be utilized by different users within different contexts:
    • Admins/Supervisors can use the Playbook to create customized Terms to be used in Deal Templates or directly by Owners during Deal Creation.
    • Owners can use the Playbook during Deal Creation to add Terms.
    • Recipients can use the Playbook to add additional terms to a deal they have received.



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