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Approver Role

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Approver is a Deal Role for a user who must approve a deal before it can move to the Signature Stage

Approvers can approve a deal (with optional comment) or decline to approve and send a comment to the Owner. 

Below are the actions that an Approver can do at each stage of the Deal:

Guided Review:

At this stage, an Approver can operate as a Reviewer.


At this stage, an Approver must:

  • Approve the deal and allow it to progress to signature, or;
  • Request Changes: if a term or attachment needs to be revised, an Approver can request changes and leave a comment for the deal Owner. This action will prevent the deal from moving to signature until the parties have come to agreement on these requests.


At the Signature Stage, there is nothing left for the Approver to do. They will still have access to view the current status of the deal.


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