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Reviewer Role

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Reviewer is a Deal Role that assists an Owner during Guided Review.

Reviewers can Accept, Change or propose Key Terms or Additional Terms on behalf of the Owner. 

An Owner can invite a Reviewer into a deal by using the Deal Team button at the top of the screen (or assign a Reviewer on a template level).

When a Reviewer is done, they click "Finish Review" and their proposed changes are saved for the Owner to review. (Note: the Owner is the only user who can send proposals back to the counterparty.)   

Reviewers are typically supervisors or other subject matters experts an Owner would consult during a negotiation. 

Reviews are Optional: Unlike Approvals, reviews are optional. An Owner may send a deal back to the counterparty without a review being completed or may change the proposals left by the Reviewer. 


After the Guided Review stage, the Reviewer has view-only access to the Deal.



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