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Owner Role

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The Owner is a Deal Role responsible for creating and sending Deals to a Counterparty. As the Owner, you will own the flow of the Deal and control all activity on the it leading up to the Signature stage. As the Owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the Deals are moving along appropriately.

Below are the actions an Owner can take at each stage of the Deal:

Guided Review

During this stage, the Deal is sent from the Owner, to the recipient, and potentially back and forth as many times as it takes to get agreement from both parties. For a step by step look, see Sending a New Deal

If there are any Reviewers assigned to your Deal Team, they have the opportunity to act on the deal that has counterproposals and leave it for the Owner to send back to the counterparty.


During this stage, the Owner has the following responsibilities:

  • If there are Approver(s) assigned, and some time has elapsed without approval, check with the Approver(s) to see if they have any concerns. If they do, work with them to bring the deal to a close. If they do not, ask them to approve the deal.
  • Once all approvals have been obtained, then it is time to "Move to Signature"


At the Signature stage, there are no actions left for the Owner of deal execpt to monitor the status of the signatures and ensure that both parties sign the Deal in a timely manner.


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