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Platform User Types

Platform User Types set the general permissions a User has on the Bonterms Platform.

(Deal Roles are permissions a User has on a specific Deal)


There are three Platform User Types: Admin, Supervisor and User:

User Types Permission Chart (2023 09 18).png

Admin: has senior control over all capabilities and permissions on the Bonterms Platform. The Admin may manage Users, set up integrations, create and edit Templates and Playbooks and otherwise manage the Deal System and close the account. The Admin role is designed for IT teams.

Supervisor: currently has the same capabilities and permissions as an Admin but is designed for senior leaders on the Legal team. We recommend you use Supervisor for senior Legal personnel as certain IT-specific roles will be migrated to Admin-only over time. 

User: basic user role on the Bonterms Platform. A User can be added to your organization from Settings/ Team. A User can send out Deals and can view Playbook, Deal Templates and Entity Blocks.

  • Adding Permissions to a User. An Admin or Supervisor may grant a User additional permissions through the Update Permissions function when the User is invited or at any time through Settings/Team. 

  Invite User (09 05 2023).png    Edit User Permissions (09 05 2023).png

               Invite                                                              Settings/Team 


User Permissions Updates (2023 09 18).png

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