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  1. From Deal Flow, click on the Bonterms logo on the top left.
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  2. Create an Account by entering your email, name and a password. 

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  1. Create an Organization. An Organization is a company-level account on the Bonterms Platform. 
    • Name your Organization. This should be your company name or name under which your company does business. (It does not need to be your full company legal name - that is set separately under Deal Templates). (You may change this later through Settings.) 
    • Set your Organization URL. This is typically the same as your Organization name and will appear in the URL line when your internal Users are using the Bonterms Platform. (You may change this later through Settings.) 
    • Admin Role. As the User that creates an Organization, you will automatically become the first Admin. You may add or change Admins through the Team Page

Note if your company is already on Bonterms: If your company already has an Organization then when you go to create an account a request will be sent to your Admin to add you to your company’s Account.

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