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How to Use the Bonterms Cloud Terms

  1. Review the Cloud Terms with your lawyer.

  2. Prepare your Cover Page (example).

    • Identify the parties, Effective Date and other Key Terms.
    • Propose any Additional Terms (examples).
    • Name the Agreement you are creating (for example, "Cloud Services Agreement").
  3. Incorporate any Attachments by reference (example).

    • Add any Support Policy (example), Acceptable Use Policy (example), Security Policy or other Attachments by linking or attaching on the Cover Page.
    • If you want to add the Bonterms SLA, see guidance here.
    • If you want to add the Bonterms DPA, see guidance here.
  4. Send your Cover Page (and Attachments) to your counterparty.

  5. Negotiate the Cover Page and Attachments.

  6. Sign the Cover Page and create your Agreement!

  7. Issue or receive Orders (example).


Video walkthrough of How to Use the Bonterms Cloud Terms:


FAQs for the Cloud Terms

Can I use my own Attachments?

  • Yes. You may link to or attach your own SLA, Support Policy, AUP, DPA or other Attachments by reference on your Cloud Terms Cover Page – guidance here.

Why are the Support Policy and the Acceptable Use Policy provided as "examples"?

  • Because of the high degree of variability in these policies, Bonterms provides these forms as “examples” under the Resources tab and not as Standard Agreements. You are free to modify and use these examples as you see fit.

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