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Create an Internal Playbook Item

Note: This feature is only accessible for Paid Users.

An Internal Playbook item is a customizable Additional Term that is specific to your Organization.

Unlike the Standard Playbook, which is provided to all Bonterms Platform users, the Internal Playbook can be set up and customized with your own suite of Playbook items and usage notes. 

Create re-usable customized Playbook items for your Organization by following these steps.

  1. Click the "Create Term" button on the Playbook page:Screenshot 2024-02-27 163156.png
  2. Select the type of Term you want to create (this helps to organize your Internal Term):Screenshot 2024-02-27 163400.png
  3. Fill out the Term form including Summary, Action, Content, and Internal Usage Notes:

While Standard Playbook items are to be used as-is, they can also be used to create customized Internal Playbook items. This can be done one of two ways, either way will pre-populate the "Create Term" form with the same information for a quick start to creating your own Internal item.

  1. Use the "Drop Playbook Term" drag-n-drop feature of the "Create Term" form:Screenshot 2024-02-27 163934.png
  2. Use the three dot menu on an existing Standard Playbook itemScreenshot 2024-02-27 164002.png


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