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The Bonterms Platform is a neutral, third-party platform for two parties to complete a deal through the use of Standard Agreements. You will enter into the Standard Agreement by signing a Cover Page generated by the Bonterms Platform. 


You do not need to create an account to use Bonterms as a recipient.


Receive Invite

Receive an email invite and click “Review Proposed [Agreement]”
Invite email (DS) v2.png

Agree or Change Terms

Agree or Change proposed Terms and click “Next”.

Confirm and Send

Confirm your choices and click “Send”


If you have sent back any proposed changes, you will receive a notification from Bonterms when the other party has finished their review by accepting or proposing additional changes.


Move to Signature

Once all Terms are Agreed (Green), click “Move to Signature”.



Your signers will be notified through DocuSign/Dropbox Sign (if the Sending party is using one of our integrations) that the agreement is now ready to be Signed. You will be notified once the agreement has been signed by both parties.
Finished Docusign (DS).png

Congratulations! The deal is now complete!

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