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Bonterms Platform Overview

Bonterms is simplifying commercial contracting through Standard Agreements. Our enterprise Cloud Terms (with DPA and SLA Attachments), Professional Services Agreement (PSA) and Mutual NDA let the parties start from a balanced foundation and negotiate by Cover Page, not redlines. The Bonterms Platform leverages our Standard Agreements to take collaborative dealmaking to the next level. Bonterms is lawyer-led and funded by XYZ Capital and Wilson Sonsini.

Signing Into The Platform

Starting at the Bonterms homepage, click Log In:

You can now sign in using your email, Google, or Microsoft. If you don't have an account yet, create a free account.

Welcome to the Bonterms Platform Dashboard!

Navigating The Platform

The left-hand navigation menu is how you get around the Bonterms Platform to: 

  1. Create a New Deal - The "New Deal" buttons allows you to Create a New Deal.
  2. View Deals in the Dashboard - The Dashboard displays deals pertinent to you or your Platform User Type.
  3. Customize the Playbook - Enables administration of the Playbook.
  4. Create and View Deal Templates - Enables administration of Deal Templates.
  5. Create and View Entity Blocks - Enables administration of Entity Blocks.
  6. Edit Organizational Settings - Enables an Admin user to specify the Bonterms Platform Settings for your Organization.
  7. Edit Account Profile - Enables a user to access the My Account page or Log Out.

Still Have Questions?

Be sure to check the Bonterms Platform FAQ page.


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