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General Overview (Settings)

Note: This feature is only accessible for Paid Users.

This article covers the General settings section of the Bonterms Platform settings panel. For more information on any of the other settings, see the Settings Overview.

General Tab

To update specifics about your Organization:

  • Organizations Name - Specify your organizations name
  • Organization URL - Your unique URL assigned by the Bonterms Platform
  • Your Logo - The logo that you will see while in the Bonterms Platform
  • Click Save


Single Sign On (SSO) allows people within your organization to sign into Bonterms using existing credentials. This makes it easier for people within your organization to utilize the Bonterms Platform. To set up SSO, follow these instructions:


Click the Set Up SSO:

On the resulting page are a variety of fields to be filled out. Depending on your specific scenario, the values for these fields can vary. We've provided a few resources here but your specific scenario may not be covered exactly:

Work with your IT/developer staff to determine the best path forward. Let us know how we can help. To get started, fill out the following fields:

  1. Identity Provider SSO URL - A service that stores and confirms user identity such as Okta or Auth0
  2. Entity ID - A unique identifier for your application
  3. Service Provider ID (Optional) - The Bonterms service to be logged into with SSO instead of directly
  4. Add Certificate - The certificate that the Service Provider will use to validate the response
  5. Callback URL - The page the user is returned to after signing in with SSO

Which will now look something like this:



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