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Updating a Deal Template

Deal Templates are templates set up by your Organizations Admins & Supervisors to make it easy to send Deals within the Bonterms Platform. The templates contain predefined information for a Deal that can easily be re-used, such as:

  • Assigned Entity Block - Prior to creating/editing Deal Templates, create your Entity Blocks, which represent one or more Entities that your Organization does business as.
  • Party Information - Your Organizations details.
  • Key Terms & Acceptable Alternatives - These are the Key Terms used to negotiate the Deal. These will vary based on the Deal Type and thus your screen may look a little different.
  • Additional Terms - These are Additional Terms that fall outside of the Key Terms mentioned above. You can leverage the Playbook for out-of-the-box terms from Bonterms or set up customized ones yourself (see Playbook Overview for more details).
  • Attachments - Upload any custom attachments that should be associated with Deals for this template.
  • Deal Team - Add/Edit/Remove users with assigned Deal Roles.

Access the Deal Templates

As an Admin/Supervisor, you will be able to create templates as well as make changes to existing templates. As a User, you can view the Deal Templates previously created by your Organizations Admins/Supervisors. If you would like to see changes made to your Deal Template(s), talk to your Bonterms Platform Admins/Supervisors and point them to this article.

  1. Click Deal Templates in the Left Navigation Menu.
  2. Identify the correct Template you’d like to change and click Edit located in the kebab menu in the top right corner.

Update the Entity Block

As an Admin user you can update the Entity Block associated to this Deal Template by:

  1. Clicking the Trash icon and remove the existing Entity Block
  2. Drag-n-drop a new Entity Block from the Entity Blocks pane on the right

Update the Deal Template Content

These sections make up the bulk of the Deal Template:

  • Party Information - Fill out the name of the Company, where to send Notice, and the Signers information.
  • Key Terms - Specify the Key Terms for this Deal Template.
  • Additional Terms - Specify any additional terms by leveraging the Playbook.
  • Attachments - Upload any custom attachments.

Please note: changes are saved when you click "Review Template".

Update the Deal Team

Assigning or changing the Deal Team means being able to include users from a variety of Deal Roles. Updating the Deal Team occurs on the next page.

  1. Click on Review Template in the top right.
  2. Click on Signer > to open the change menu to edit the Signer.

  3. Add Signer Information.

  4. To Add/Edit any other Roles, use the "+ Add More" button, or edit existing users.
  5. When ready, click Update Template.



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