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First Time Recipient Tips

Below are a few tips to assist with your first Bonterms Platform experience. Here we cover the most commonly asked for requests and workflow questions, but have other Help Center articles to assist with anything else.


What is Bonterms, a Standard Agreement and this Platform?

Bonterms drafts and publishes Standard Agreements - free-to-use, neutral agreements that are implemented and customized by a Cover Page. The following Standard Agreements published by Bonterms are available through the Bonterms Platform: Cloud Terms, Professional Service Agreement (PSA) and Mutual NDA. Always have legal counsel review a Standard Agreement before use.

Bonterms Standard Agreements are drafted by a Committee of 100+ cross-industry lawyers and undergo multiple rounds of review and feedback to help ensure they reflect industry best-practices.

The Bonterms Platform leverages our Standard Agreements and takes collaborative dealmaking to the next level. Using built-in tools such as Auto-Accept Alternatives, Standard Playbooks and Drag n' Drop proposals, the Bonterms Platform makes coming to Agreement using a Standard Agreement faster than ever.

I'm the wrong person at my company to receive this, what do I do?

If you received a deal via the Bonterms Platform and you are not the correct recipient at your company, you can do one of two things:

  1. Contact the sender and ask them to re-send to the correct recipient, or
  2. Create an Account and Add a Team Member.
    • Quickly create a free account by clicking the Bonterms Logo on the top, left hand side of the Platform.
    • Navigate to the Team Page within Settings and invite your team members.
    • On the specific deal, click the "Deal Team" button on the top, right hand side of the page and either invite your team members to the deal or transfer ownership to the correct recipient on your team.

How do I add team members to help me with this deal?

Using the same process as above, quickly and easily Create an Account, Add a Team Member to your Organization and then Add a Team Member to a Deal using the Deal Team button.

Do I sign the Deal on the Bonterms Platform?

No. The Bonterms Platform was designed to help you and your counterparty reach consensus on a Standard Agreement and Cover Page. The last stage of the negotiation - the signing of your document - happens externally, off of the Bonterms Platform.

Once you give your final Approval and enter in your Signature Block information (by clicking "Move to Signature" on the Approval page), you will sign your agreed-upon Cover Page using your counterparty's e-signature provider. You will receive a copy once both parties sign the Cover Page.

The last step of the process that occurs on the Bonterms Platform is the Approval Stage.


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